Frugalpac joins Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group

2 minutes read
22nd November, 2016

After creating a solution to the coffee cup issue, we have decided to join The Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group. The PCRRG is made up of pioneering organisations from across the paper cup supply chain, including: paper cup manufacturers, retailers, recycling and waste management companies and paper re-processors.

Fellow members include coffee retailers Starbucks, Costa, Caffè Nero and Pret as well as cup manufacturers Seda, Huhtamaki UK and Benders Cups.

The PPCRRG issued their Paper Cup Manifesto earlier this year with the objective of significantly increasing paper cup recovery and recycling rates by 2020.

The manifesto pledges that “the paper cup supply chain agrees to work together to ensure paper cups are designed, used, disposed of and collected to maximise the opportunities for recycling by further investment and funding of recycling, disposal and collection projects.”

Commenting on the announcements, our founder Martin Myerscough: “Whilst we believe Frugalpac is a ground-breaking innovation, we recognise our cup is only part of the overall solution. That’s why Frugalpac has decided to play our part by joining the PCRRG and working with companies across the paper cup supply chain. Design, recovery and recycling are all equally important.

“We think Frugalpac’s ability to be disposed of in conventional recycling bins along with newspaper and magazines will really be able to make a big difference and we look forward in helping the PCRRG in find solutions across the supply chain.”

Adrian Pratt, Vice Chairman of the PCRRG commented: “We’re delighted that Frugalpac has joined the PCRRG. As we spelt out in our Paper Cup Manifesto, we very much encourage collaboration across the entire paper cup supply chain and see this as the key to the success of addressing the issue. The more members and signatories there are will ensure we continue to collectively address the barriers to meet our objective of significantly increasing paper cup recovery and recycling rates by 2020.”