Frugal Carton

Coming soon to revolutionise food and drink packaging.

Frugal Carton Example

Most of us put our empty juice cartons in the recycling bin.

The truth of the matter is, they’re not easily recyclable.

Conventional carton paperboard is a laminate of many different materials such as paper, plastic, chemicals and aluminium, making them impossible to repulp in the standard process. Often, they’re hand-picked off conveyors at recycling centres.

It’s a similar issue to the one that stops conventional paper cups being recycled in the standard waste stream.

And it’s why we’ve created the Frugal Carton.

Frugal Carton is a radical two-part solution to an issue that’s currently challenging the food and drinks industry and which has driven many brands into plastic bottles.

With Frugal Carton, a thin, food-grade liner fills the paperboard outer and can be simply removed by the consumer when the carton’s empty.

Think cereal box. Once it’s empty, you remove the bag and recycle the card that contains it. Easy.