Frugalpac Cup

Why most paper cups aren't recycled

Most conventional paper cups are made by laminating a thin layer of plastic film to flat paper. The film, which is needed to make the paper waterproof, is bonded very strongly to the paper.

And because these paper cups are made with an exposed interior seam the paper must be made from virgin fibre and be treated with chemicals to make it water resistant.

The combination of these features makes conventional paper cups very difficult to recycle in most paper mills.

Some paper cups are now made from paper that is coated with a special layer of material to make it waterproof. This layer may break down more easily in a pulper. However these coated cups are still made with chemically treated virgin paper which takes a long time to break down in standard paper recycling facilities.

Click here to see a comparison between conventional cups and the Frugalpac cup.

What makes Frugalpac paper cups different

Frugalpac cups are made from recycled paper with no added chemicals.

The paper is formed into a cup shape and then a thin plastic liner is lightly glued to the inside.

Because the liner is so lightly glued in place it naturally floats away from the paper in the re-pulping process.

Frugalpac cups can be disposed of in any paper or mixed recycling bin, including on-street newspaper bins.

The paper from Frugalpac cups can be recycled up to 7 times. So the paper from your cup can have nearly as many lives as a cat.


Frugalpac develops the technology and the machines that manufacture disposable paper cups that can be easily recycled. We work with manufacturers around the world to make Frugalpac cups as widely available as possible.


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