The Frugalpac Story

Like so many great things before it, Frugalpac was founded in a shed.

Inventor, sailor and chartered accountant, Martin Myerscough, discovered that paper coffee cups weren’t easily recyclable and set about creating one that was.

In the years since that flash of inspiration gave birth to the unique construction of the Frugal Cup, the business that has grown up to serve it has had three different names and an ever-growing team in support.

Frugalpac is now based in its own engineering innovation centre in Ipswich and, as a passionate inventor, Myerscough has since moved on to new projects and pastures new. Frugal Cups are being made in Wrexham and the development of Frugal Carton and Frugal Bottle continues apace with other simply recyclable packaging innovations chasing them to launch.

We’re motivated by a passion to reduce waste. We’ll play a major role in eliminating the insanity that drives packaging to landfill.

‘Recycling really matters. A paper coffee cup can seem insignificant at global scale but if we get the small stuff right, we’re genuinely tackling sustainability.’

Jennie Connery

It’s our commitment

In terms of the team, Frugalpac has grown exponentially over the last three years. This growth makes it a really interesting place to work. New people bring their own strengths, add to the chemistry. We share a passion for sustainability, a commitment to creating products that make a difference.

The bigger picture

Frugalpac is a privately-owned, limited liability company. The seven-strong board of directors, five of whom are non-executive, have an enviable skill set and include founders and owners of established businesses alongside specialists from the finance industry.

Shareholders and board directors alike are committed to Frugalpac and its values. Each is motivated to support a business that is working to reduce packaging waste and the environmental devastation it causes.


Frugalpac is a great place to work. There’s a genuine sense of camaraderie that comes from being part of a new business in a sector committed to supporting the environment.
When we are recruiting for specific positions, we do so through www.indeed.co.uk.

If you would like to work with us and you don’t fit one of those specific roles, please contact us directly on 01473 599070.

NO AGENCIES, please. We will not respond to agency enquiries.