One cup at a time


Frugalpac creates eco-friendly packaging that is kind to the environment, truly sustainable and genuinely recyclable.

Frugalpac packaging is just as strong and versatile as existing containers but can also be easily recycled in standard paper mills. Frugalpac has developed a new technology that produces packaging for liquids that is environmentally friendlier than current formats such as glass, laminated cartons, disposable coffee cups and plastic bottles.


Waste and Recycling in Numbers

58 Billion

58 Billion disposable coffee cups are used around the world each year. Only 1 in 400 is currently recycled.


A Frugalpac cup made of recycled paper can be recycled up to seven times


It takes over 100,000 trees to make the UK’s paper cups for one year

Our patented manufacturing technology creates packaging formed from a cardboard outer shell with a thin waterproof liner inside.


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