frugalpac is a new form of sustainable packaging that is environmentally superior to existing solutions

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Every year, across the world, we use 58 billion coffee cups and only a fraction get recycled

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Coffee Cup

The Frugalpac cup is made from recycled paper and can be put in any recycling bin marked paper or cardboard

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frugal ('fru:gel) adjective
definition: practising economy; living without waste;
thrifty, not costly

Frugalpac is a new type of packaging that is kinder to the environment, truly sustainable and genuinely recyclable. Packaging that is just as strong and versatile as existing containers but can be recycled in normal paper mills. It is also competitively priced.

We have developed a new technology that produces packaging for liquids that is environmentally friendlier than current formats such as glass, laminated cartons, disposable coffee cups and plastic bottles.

Our patented manufacturing technology creates packaging formed from a cardboard outer shell with a thin waterproof liner inside.

We design the products and produce the machinery that manufactures packaging to hold liquids including food, drinks, personal care and household products.

Our first product, the Frugalpac cup, was launched in July 2016.


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